Supplementary to:
  Discovery of influenza A virus sequence pairs and their combinations for simultaneous heterosubtypic targeting that hedge against antiviral resistance
Keng Boon Wee, Raphael Tze Chuen Lee, Jing Lin, Zacharias Aloysius Dwi Pramono, Sebastian Maurer-Stroh
An introductory video about this study:
Overview of source codes:
resistanceSim.javaCodes used for simulating time taken to drug resistance.
resistanceSim - README.txtREADME file to use the
blast-candidates-against-human-and-animals.zipContains the perl script that is used to extract sequence matches against transcriptomes and genomes from human, pig and chicken. Also contain sample output file: 3S-targetSeqsFASTA_mapped-to-transcriptome-and-genome.txt.
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